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Jenkingames is a free gaming service that allows you to play games online for free.  Here, you'll find new games released every Friday!  These range from PowerPoint games to widget games to Flash games.  They're all free, and they've all been tested for viruses.  No game on this site has been linked to an untrustworthy site, so if you find a game that causes a virus, please let us know.  You can send us a message by going to "Login Or Sign Up," choosing either Lorenz Jenkins or Kumaria Juan Nazhi, and, when his page appears, click on "Send A Message," found below his profile picture.  You will know who is and who is not a staff member, because the on his page, a staff member will have the word "Administrator" under his profile image.  Anyway, please enjoy the games, cheats, hints, songs, and other content this site has to offer!  


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